National Ice Cream Month

It is National Ice Cream Month. I want to share with you how awesome my human is,  she occasionally takes me to get a YoPup Yogurt Cup. They are so yummy and are an extra special treat on warm days. Summertime is fun, but getting to enjoy a little ice cream makes like so much better! 

Be sure to take your dog out this month and enjoy a little ice cream. 

Riding with Safety

One thing I hate is always having to ride in the back of the car when my human is driving. I know that I am a happy and hyper puppy, but I would love to ride up front. 

My human has explained to me that I ride in a kennel for my safety and her own safety. As a hyper puppy I like to move around and like some dogs jump into my humans lap. However, I should not be doing as she is driving, so she is not distracted or ends swerving the vehicle and get an accident. 

I ride in a Ruff Tuff Kennel, they are really durable and the Large size gives me a good amount of space for being a lab dog. I recommend to keep your puppy safe and yourself, don’t let distractions be the cause of an accident no matter how much you love us. We dogs, may whine a little bit, but we really are ok riding in the back for safety. 

Check out the Ruff Tuff Kennels: 

Dog Island

Dog Island is the dog park in Grand Island, Nebraska. I enjoy going here. It has a great play area with climbing toys, there is a lake for the dogs to swim and a walking path. I hope if you are ever traveling through you will stop and check it out! 


On Friday, I got to visit Carhenge in Alliance, Nebraska. This a very interesting place with some cool stuff to walk around. I wonder what other interesting places I can find to visit.