My name is Ansley and I am an adventurous yellow lab from Nebraska. Watch me grow and follow along for all the fun adventures I take and things that I do. 


Happy Birthday America

Happy 4th of July! Enjoy the day, be safe and remember to be friendly towards dogs because most of us are scared of loud noises.

Spending Time with my Human

Dogs are a lot like children and my human would agree. You have to teach us our ways, love us and care for us when we are sick. The best thing I love about my human is the time she takes to hang out with me. Of course, she feeds me, walks me, takes me outside to do my business, but she also just spends time hanging out with me.

Sometimes she lets me go for car rides with her while she goes to get a smoothie or some food. We will also hang out watching TV or a movie. Ok, so she watches the TV and I just chew on my bone. She also takes time out of her day just to give me belly rubs.

Not only do we need to be cared for, but us dogs also really appreciate when you take the time to hang out with us, even if it’s only at home.

Keep It Clean

Having a dog in the home can get messy! Luckily, there are cleaning products out there specifically made with pets in mind. Always keep in mind that cleaning your home should be on a extremely regular basis because you don’t want pet hair and odors to build up. The more it builds up, the more damage it can do to your air ducts, air filters and make it harder for smells to go away.

Below are a few great products that my human loves to use:

1. Bissell Pet Rewind Vacuum. This helps to pick up a lot of pet hair, dirt and objects off the floor and furniture.

Purchase at Target: https://www.target.com/p/bissell-174-cleanview-174-rewind-pet-1820/-/A-16469021#lnk=sametab

2. Sometimes I have accidents or I get sick and vomit. When I do it’s important for my human to spot clean the carpet right away. Resolve Pet Stain Remover helps to clean up quickly and get the carpet looking like new again.

Purchase at Walmart: https://www.walmart.com/ip/Resolve-Pet-Stain-Odor-Carpet-Cleaner-22oz-Bottle/11027240

3. Keep your carpet and home smelling fresh and clean with Arm & Hammer Pet Fresh Carpet Odor Eliminator. Use it after spot treating carpet and before you vacuum. This helps to leave a natural fresh scent to your carpet and home again.

Purchase at Menards: https://www.menards.com/main/housewares/cleaning-supplies/carpet-cleaners/arm-hammer-trade-plus-oxiclean-trade-dirt-fighters-pet-fresh-carpet-odor-eliminator-30-oz/033200114482/p-1444426570543-c-7099.htm?tid=7278112898757759930&ipos=3

Earn Cash Back

My human uses this app called Ibotta to make money back from everyday purchases. There are a lot of popular brand names and online shopping that let you earn a percentage back in cash from your purchase. PetSmart, Petco, Target and Walmart are just a few. Check it out, download it today and start earning!


Dogs Are Welcomed

I love being able to travel and go places with my human. I love the interaction with other humans and other dogs. It is nice there are shops and stores out there that allow dogs, so I can go with my human and not be left at home by myself. 

Here are some stores that allow you to bring your dog with you. 


-Tractor Supply Company





-Home Depot

-Academy Sports


-Hobby Lobby

-TJ Maxx



Dog Park Fun

Dog Parks are so much fun. I can run around, get lots of exercise, be an explorer and play with other dog friends. 

Socialization with other dogs is very important. It teaches me to be kind and listen to my human in a group setting or with distractions. 

I have been to several dog parks throughout Nebraska: Kearney, Alliance, North Platte, York, two in Lincoln and Grand Island. I want to visit more and some in other states. Do you know of any fun dog parks I should visit?