My name is Ansley and I am an adventurous yellow lab from Nebraska. Watch me grow and follow along for all the fun adventures I take and things that I do. 


Dogs Are Welcomed

I love being able to travel and go places with my human. I love the interaction with other humans and other dogs. It is nice there are shops and stores out there that allow dogs, so I can go with my human and not be left at home by myself. 

Here are some stores that allow you to bring your dog with you. 


-Tractor Supply Company





-Home Depot

-Academy Sports


-Hobby Lobby

-TJ Maxx



Dog Park Fun

Dog Parks are so much fun. I can run around, get lots of exercise, be an explorer and play with other dog friends. 

Socialization with other dogs is very important. It teaches me to be kind and listen to my human in a group setting or with distractions. 

I have been to several dog parks throughout Nebraska: Kearney, Alliance, North Platte, York, two in Lincoln and Grand Island. I want to visit more and some in other states. Do you know of any fun dog parks I should visit? 

Spending a weekend at the kennels

This past weekend, I stayed at Middle Creek Kennels. This was my first time staying at a kennel, so it was something different. The owners were so nice and made sure I was well cared for with water, food and exercise. They were also very flexible and let my human come and walk me Saturday morning. 

I was a little worried when it rained, but learned that is when I need to go inside and chill until it stops. I made friends with some wiemaraners, especially one named Zoey. Overall, it was a nice stay and maybe I will be back soon. 

Just Keep Chewing

My human picked me up some great beef chew bones that are made by Nature’s Logic. I must tell you, they are really tasty and I could lay around all day just chewing on them. My human also says that it keeps me busy while she gets a few things done around the house. 

Nature’s Logic makes more than just bones, they also have really good treats and a good line of dog food. They are based in Nebraska and made of 100% natural whole foods and ingredients. https://www.natureslogic.com/


Let’s Play Indoors

This past Saturday, I got to go play at Paws 4 Fun in Lincoln, Nebraska. This place is an indoor dog park. There is a big park area, one side for big dogs and one side for small dogs. There is plenty of space for me to run around a lot.

One of the best parts of this place is the swimming pool. I had so much fun with the swimming trainer trying to chase toys out of the pool. She kept throwing them in the pool, but I was a little worried about jumping in. However, I started to get over my fear and swam a couple times across the pool.

Overall, this was a really fun place to go play while beating the heat outside. I can’t wait to go back and make more friends. I hope to see you there!

Muddy Paws Much?

Yesterday, I went to the dog park with my human. I love the park. This time there two big puddles of mud, it was really cooling to roll around in them. I think it was one of my best days at the park by far. 

Plus, I got a bath at home, so I got to play in the water. Life is good right now.